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Anti-Copyright Resources
thanks to Negativland

Some Myths About Intellectual Property
Copyright & Fair Use: Fair Use and Multmedia Links
from Stanford University Library
An incredible resource for anyone interested in recycled culture. Make sure to get your hands on the audio archives and excellent articles!
Musicians Against the Copyrighting of Samples
Musicians Against Copyrighting Of Samples, a non-profit organization which is constructing an international network of musicians whose opinions of sampling and the use of sampling technology oppose the copyrighting of samples.
Public Works a.k.a. The Tape-beatles
The official web site for Prague-by-way-of-Iowa's legendary sound-and-film plundering mavens. Features numerous excellent articles on Plagiarism™ pertaining to our mutual ideosphere.
Credit Where Credit Is Due
A recent discussion from the Plunderphonia discussion list, as posted to Public Works Projects.
Copyright Violation Squad [no link, you must search]
"The Copyright Violation Squad (CVS) was founded in 1992 in an effort to make publicly available certain cultural works which have been suppressed because they theoretically violated copyright law."
Funders of corporate products sabotage and intellectual property disobedience.
The Kosmic Free Music Foundation
An "international not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing free access to original music on the Net, and exploring new ways of distributing artistic creations to the widest possible audience."
The Art of Noises Futurist Manifesto
The Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo rant lauding the beautiful clangor of the modern era.
Against Intellectual Property
An anarchist's perspective
Copyright Law is Wrong
The Viral Communications anti-copyright policy
Anti-Copyright Policy
from The Web's Edge
Kopyright Liberation Front
A British duo that are simultaneously media pranksters and pop stars
The First Church of Chumbawamba
Anarchist agents provocateur.
Pete Russel's anti-copyright policy/rant...
The Evolution Control Committee
Mark Gunderson's masterful audio manipulations of pop culture detritus. Public Enemy and Herb Alpert never sounded so good together.
The Free Music Philosophy
"an anarchistic grass-roots, but high-tech, system of spreading music: the idea that creating, copying, and distributing music must be as unrestricted as breathing air, plucking a blade of grass, or basking in the rays of the sun."
Opposing Copyright Extension
A Forum for Information on Proposals to Extend the Term of Copyright Protection and What to Do about It