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What we do is mostly connecting you to people bikes websites through bikesex a virtual bicycle intersection in Vancouver.
If you want bikesex to bring you and others together. Contact the  AUTOSAURUS we will do it for you for the good of the velorution. Viva la velorution. Links to websites below...
Dedicated   to   the   propagation   and   reproduction   of   humans   on   bicycles. 

last updated sept 21 - 2007

Critical Mass Vancouver 
last friday of every month
101.9FM Thursdays 5-6pm
Velolove Listserv Email 
discuss, create; you are critical mass
lead by example - democracy
Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels 
because extinction stinks
shared bikes, how to fix, get a bike
Chopper Blog Group
fossil fools against fossil fuels are now mc3
the real world network
? O n   B i k e S e x C a r S e x   O n ?
web author
People's Republic  
news of east vancouver
 take care and take the lane. made by the autosaurus. Anti-copyright.

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